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For Youth, By Youth

YouthBank is an innovative youth philanthropy program in which a team of trained youth grant-makers award funds to youth-led projects that will improve the quality of life in Northfield.

We are looking for members to join our grant making team.

As a new member of our team, you would go through the necessary training to be able to review grants submitted by youth in Northfield and decide where our grant money will go. As a part of YouthBank you will gain leadership skills and watch your community become something you and your peers want it to be.

Please encourage your friends and classmates to apply as well; we want Northfield YouthBank to really reflect our community!

Apply to be a member of the team

The deadline to turn in team member applications is Monday, March 12th.

Apply for a Grant See All Funded Grants

Criteria for YouthBank Grant Projects

  • Be youth-led
  • Serve the Northfield area
  • Address the chosen theme or themes
  • Provide significant value for the money received

Grant awards can range from $1,000 up to $8,000. Each project is housed within a tax-exempt organization that acts as a fiscal agent.

How does YouthBank help youth?+

On top of funding valuable community projects, YouthBank helps young people develop essential life skills and prepares them for future careers. Members of the granting committee are responsible for engaging in community research, fundraising, promoting grant opportunities, reviewing requests for funding and engaging in the decision making process, working alongside young people in promoting their work, writing reports and engaging with grant recipients to learn what worked well.