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Youth Grants

Northfield High School Service Learning Projects, Fall 2015

November 2015

Service learning is a teaching method that enriches learning by engaging students in meaningful service to their schools and communities. HCI funded three Investing in Youth grants to aid service projects developed by students at Northfield High School. These projects included:

Drug Abuse Prevention Among Teens

Students from Northfield High School spoke with classes at the Northfield Middle School about the dangers of drug and alcohol use. These student presentations included personal testimonies from high school students in recovery.

Plastic Bottle Awareness

This student project was an awareness campaign aimed at educating other students about plastic bottle waste and its effect on the environment.

“A Better Life” Movie Night

A showing of “A Better Life” will be offered to students at the Northfield High School. High school students have planned this event in an effort to bridge communication gaps between Latino and white students at school.