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8 positions available working with local youth!

Below are Northfield-based AmeriCorps positions currently accepting applications for the 2017-18 year.

If you are interested in one or more of the positions below, please email a cover letter and resume to Marnie Thompson, Northfield High School Assistant Principal ( Please specify in the cover letter which position(s) you are interested in. Application review begins soon, so apply today!

The Northfield AmeriCorps positions work collaboratively to help support the Northfield Promise initiative, a collective impact effort striving to ensure all Northfield youth are supported from cradle to career.

AmeriCorps Promise Fellows – 5 positions available

Promise Fellows work directly with cohorts of 25-30 youth who are at-risk of not succeeding in school. Promise Fellows provide academic support and also connect youth with after school programs, mentors, and community service opportunities. Promise Fellows form significant connections with the youth in their cohort and have the chance to help change their lives. Current Promise Fellow openings include the Northfield High School, Northfield Middle School, the Northfield Area Learning Center, Northfield Union of Youth/The Key, and Northfield Healthy Community Initiative. See complete position description.

Northfield Public Schools – Hand in Hand Preschool

AmeriCorps LEAP Initiative member will build school readiness and lifelong learning skills by supporting preschool children and their parents and by building capacity through community outreach. The AmeriCorp LEAP member will build early childhood assets and social/emotional school readiness competencies, provide parent education and connections to community resources that strengthen families and support social-emotional development and recruit citizen volunteers to support and strengthen early childhood movement in southern Minnesota.

Northfield Union of Youth College Health Corps VISTA

The Northfield Union of Youth’s (NUY) mission is to give power and voice to area youth and to create a caring and enriching community. NUY advocates for youth-run initiatives, providing resources and staff for youth to achieve their own dreams and desires for their life. NUY supports and helps operate The Key, the longest-running youth-run youth center in the nation. It is open from 3:00-10:00 pm, 365 days a year, for all youth ages 12-20 to drop-in and connect with each other, caring adults, and their community. A youth advisory board plans and implements all programming, including music, art, food, mental health, LGBTQ+ peer groups, board games, discussions, and things that haven’t yet been imagined. The youth board has identified that a growing number of “Key Kids” need better access to mental healthcare services, with a growing population experiencing mental health issues. A VISTA will help create new systems that empower at-risk youth to gain better access, and knowledge of, mental healthcare services. Additionally, a VISTA will work to create health education programs that amplify youth voice and empower youth to take control of their own well-being.

Greenvale Park Community School VISTA (July 2017 – July 2018)

Sponsored by the Minnesota Literacy Council, this VISTA will help lead the continued development of the Greenvale Park Community School initiative. The VISTA will help grow literacy programming for elementary-age students at the community school, as well as family engagement and early childhood programming options. Learn more.