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Summer Program Workshop Scheduler

February 17, 2020

225 hours – spring/summer

The Summer PLUS program is a 7-week summer academic and enrichment program for qualifying students. Summer PLUS serves students that have just completed kindergarten through 5th grade. During each afternoon at PLUS, students participate in enrichment activities (club time). From March through mid-May, the Club Scheduler will be responsible for identifying club leaders and creating the Summer PLUS schedule. During PLUS, Club Scheduler will maintain updates to the PLUS enrichment club calendar and greet club leaders at the start of club time daily.

Responsibilities for Enrichment Club Scheduler
Identify and schedule club leaders and activities for each cabin for each afternoon of PLUS.
Work with area teachers and volunteers who are willing to lead enrichment club activities.
Help to organize the Summer PLUS afternoon enrichment club calendar
Be available to greet volunteers and club leaders daily at PLUS (Monday through Thursday each week)


  • Computer competency for the production of reports and schedules
  • Excellent communication and networking skills
  • Ability to perform more than one task at a time and solve problems quickly
  • Experience planning events or scheduling is preferred

Interested candidates should submit their resume and cover letter to