Here is the directory of mental health resources in Rice County. The resources are listed below in alphabetical order, and organized by function and specialty on the sidebar to the right. To find providers that match your specific needs, enter key words in the searchbar on the right (e.g. “anxiety”, “support group”, “CBT”). The provider pages tagged with the terms entered in the searchbar will be displayed on the results page.

To help you navigate through these resources, the Rice County Mental Health Collective has information on types of mental health professionals and mental health treatment.

This directory is updated by the Rice County Mental Health Collective, formed in 2011. Information in this directory was supplied by the entities represented in the listing. The Rice County Mental Health Collective does not verify the accuracy of information provided nor does it endorse any of the agencies or services listed. Questions about a specific program or agency should be directed to the organization.

Below is a table listing all tags, including types of therapy and specific illnesses/disorders. Click on the desired tag to view providers that are associated with the tag.

Tag Count
Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) 1
anxiety 6
autism spectrum disorders 4
bipolar disorder 5
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) 7
Couples counseling 2
cyberbullying 1
DBT group 1
depression 6
Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) 7
Dual disorder program 1
eating disorders 2
education/awareness 1
family 1
Family counseling 2
family-focused therapy 4
humanistic therapy 3
interpersonal therapy 4
light therapy 2
narrative therapy 2
panic disorder 3
personality disorders 6
phobias 3
play therapy 5
psa contest 1
psychodynamic therapy 3
Schizophrenia 6
sleep disorders 1
social anxiety 3
solution-focused therapy 3
suicide prevention 3
support group 1
technology 1
teletherapy 1
videos 1
Tag Count