The Rice County Mental Health Resources Directory was compiled by the Rice County Mental Health Resource Team, which was formed in March 2006. The purpose of the Team was to work towards more effective provision and coordination of mental health services for children who do or may access existing programs AND identification of additional program needs.  Funded by the Rice County Family Services Collaborative, the Resource Team is no longer active.  However, plans are underway to organize a new approach to improving the continuum of mental health services in Rice County.

Information included in this directory was supplied by the entities included in the listing. The Rice County Family Services Collaborative does not verify the accuracy of information provided nor does it endorse any of the agencies or services listed. Questions about a specific program or agency should be directed to the organization.

Thanks to the Northfield Healthy Community Initiative for hosting this directory. Thanks also to the Rice County Family Services Collaborative for providing funding to cover the cost of this directory.

If you have questions or would like to make contact with current mental health initiatives of the Rice County Family Services Collaborative, please contact Kathy Sandberg, Collaborative Coordinator,, 507-210-5151.

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