Investing in Youth Grants

Kindness Retreat pic1 Oct 2013The Northfield Healthy Community Initiative (HCI) is pleased to announce the availability of grant funds to support new Intergenerational Projects and Youth Civic-Engagement Projects in the Northfield community.

HCI will award money to projects and activities that:

  • provide the opportunity for young people to develop positive intergenerational relationships with caring adults and/or
  • connect Northfield youth with their communities (ex. neighborhood, school, wider Northfield)

In 2013-14, HCI hopes to fund many grassroots projects led by individuals or new groups.  The Investing in Youth grants are intended as seed money to start a new project, not to sustain recurring projects or an ongoing program.  If you have a great idea for a new, intergenerational project or youth civic-engagement project, we hope you will apply!

You don’t need to be part of a formal group to apply. Youth are especially encouraged to submit an application to help make your ideas happen.

Funds up to $300 per application are available. HCI gives the highest priority to applications submitted by Northfield youth.

Farm Bike Tour 2013 pic 2The application process is designed to be easy!

  • Click HERE for the HCI Event Application.
  • Save the Word document to your computer.
  • Complete the form.
  • Save the completed form to your computer.
  • Email the document as an attachment to Amy Lunderby.
  • Submit application by the 8th of the month for a decision that same month.

Special priority is given to projects:

  • that are new and have not applied for HCI grant funds in the past
  • designed and/or led by youth
  • involving youth in grades 6-12
  • taking place over multiple sessions (meeting more than once)
  • involving youth who do not have access to other opportunities
  • taking place after school, on weekends, in the evenings, and/or during school breaks

However, this does not exclude others from applying!  SAMSUNG

We unfortunately do not fund capital improvements  or capital expenses.  Also, in general, our preference is not to support trips, conferences, conventions, retreats, or to cover administrative or event staffing costs.  In addition, we generally do NOT fund fundraising events.  While a group, organization, or individual can apply more than once a year if they have different projects, we expect to only fund a specific project one time in a year.

If you have ANY questions or would like a paper copy of the application, call HCI, 507-664-3524 or contact Amy Lunderby, Investing in Youth Grants Coordinator.

Applications are accepted on an ongoing basis while funds are available and are reviewed monthly by the HCI Board.  Applications must be received by the 8th of the month to be reviewed at that month’s HCI Board meeting.  All grant recipients must complete a final report at the conclusion of the event/activity.  Failure to complete and return this form jeopardizes future funding.

HCI was developed to help support positive, strengths-based youth development in the Northfield community.  The 40 Developmental Assets of the Search Institute have provided the guiding framework for HCI’s work over the past 21 years.  As a result, all applicants are asked to take a look at the assets (click HERE) and include in their applications which assets their project will help build among Northfield youth.  If you need help identifying them, just give us a call!  Freshman Fun Night 2013

To view the 2013-14 Investing in Youth grant projectsClick HERE


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Funding for these events is made possible through funding from the Northfield Area United Way, Northfield Hospitals and Clinics, Allina Medical Clinic – Northfield, and MMIC Healh IT.