About HCI

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The Northfield Healthy Community Initiative (HCI) was formed in 1992.

The model was introduced by local healthcare professionals, who learned of new approaches to community health at a national conference. From these early years, HCI has been guided by the best practices work of the Search Institute. The Search Institute has identified 40 building blocks (or “assets”) that are important to youth development. Research has found that young people who have more of these assets in their lives have a greater likelihood of growing up healthy and are less likely to engage in risky behaviors such as drug use and violence.

Since its inception, HCI has been committed to working to ensure that all Northfield youth have as many of the 40 assets in their lives as possible.

To achieve this, HCI does not operate or manage its own programs. Instead, HCI works with community partners to foster collaboration and to support community-driven efforts that benefit Northfield youth and families. By offering its support, HCI strives to build the capacity of the community to more effectively serve its young people.

HCI is a coalition, run by a board of community leaders, youth, parents, and school personnel. HCI contracts with one full-time director and one half-time assistant to assist with supporting youth development and community-building activities in Northfield.

HCI’s Mission: “To foster a collaborative environment in Northfield that empowers youth, strengthens families, and builds community”

HCI thanks its wonderful donors for their ongoing support of HCI and its work.

Financial contributors to HCI include: Northfield Area United Way, Northfield Hospital, Northfield Public Schools Community Services Division, Rice County Family Services Collaborative, and the United States Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (grant SP12242).